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 patwari training in Silwani (Silwani, Madhya Pradesh) 
Rampal Singh - Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)
 What has been progress on the name ... (Petlad, Gujarat) 
Niranjan Patel - Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)

Gram Panchayat

Gram Panchayat is local self-government at the village or small town in India and the Sarpanch is Read more

Gram Sabha

Gram Sabha Gram Sabha authorize to support or topple down the Gram Panchayat body. This Gram Read more


Nagar Palika

Nagar Palika In India, a Nagar Palika or Municipality is the urban local body that administers a city of Read more

Municipal Corporation

Municiple Corporation Municipal Corporation is a local government body that administers a city of population 10,00,000 or Read more