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Melissa Golden/Redux
Melissa Golden/Redux
Before Brigid Schulte began writing her book, Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One has the Time, she was living it. The married mother of two and staff writer for the Washington Post even had a name for her frenzied reality and the panic, guilt and fatigue it provoked: the Overwhelm, “that everything-all-at-once feeling that you’re burning the candle from both ends and out the middle.” Schulte knew her struggle wasn’t unique, so she took a leave from the newspaper and travelled around the world to talk with time-use researchers about why women—and men, increasingly—are so stressed, and whether “time serenity” truly exists. Q: After all your learning about time pressure, does the Overwhelm persist for you? A: The Overwhelm is not going to go away. We live in a really crazy time when there is information coming at you, and there are so many demands on your time. It really comes down to choosing your own priorities and forgiving yourself a lot and checking your own expectations. I think that is one of the big messages of the book: C ...Read more

9 March 2014, 12:54 pm


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