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Social Media is not only Facebook - Narendra Modi


Use of Information technology and social media has rapidly increased over past few years as a platform to interact, discuss any random topic, learn, grow and capture audience’s expectations at the most. Businesses realized this very earlier but Indian politics yet to become tech savvy and social media friendly. When we think of Indian leaders in digital technologies context, only one man appears in our minds – The man of the spotlight in Indian politics and Gujarat CM Mr. Narendra Modi. The Gujarat CM embraced technology in each possible area. Whether it was introducing E-governance or running 2014 assembly election campaign on social media, he has always been an open communicator who supports transparency and efficiency.

Today, more than 121 million people are using internet in India. Most of them are college students and youngsters who will be writing India’s future. Mr. Modi utilized this platform to directly interact with them and brought new means to the Government citizen relationship. Indian youth is filled with lot of creativity and views on running a better government. This interactive platform gave them open medium to voice themselves directly to their leader.

“I was pleasantly surprised over the seriousness with which Youth responded to my request through Social Media for ideas and suggestions" he accepted in one of his recent interview. No wonder if Mr. Modi doesn’t need any advisor as his entire network of followers keep him updated about ongoing development issues and feedbacks on his initiatives.

To run a government is a two way process. Most of our politicians overlook public’s response and its effects become visible upon failure of implemented policies or initiatives. Indian youth want their leader to be transparent, interactive and responsive. The worldwide fame achieved by Mr. Modi is largely due to his efforts in using information technology and social media platform to show his accomplishment done in Gujarat. One can send a message to Mr. Modi using, Facebook, Twitter, Contact Page on, Profile page of and Google+.

If all ministers become interactive and share his thoughts to the public along with considering their feedback, there will be more posts on Facebook and twitter about positives of Indian politics. We will not be surprised if we hear the population demanding their leaders to go online and do their campaigning on digital platform for the 2014 assembly elections.

The concern of youth is very clear today. They want their leader to be one of them who understands technology and modernization, who is more transparent and discusses his new ideas of running the country with his population. Domination of BJP in Gujarat and more than 3.6 Million Narendra Modi followers on Facebook are the few evidences of these demands of Indian youth.  

This is the reason why Gujarat CM is on 1st place to have largest presence online ahead of USA President (who was on 3rd place) and MP of Indonesia (who was on 2nd Place).


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