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BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) Gujarat


Bus Rapid Transit System or BRTS is a structured network of designated bus lanes for safer and better public transport for the city of Ahmedabad. The BRTS is a very convenient and affordable way to traverse the sprawling city. Stops are announced in both English and Gujarati plus the buses are well maintained. A well organized public transport system is a must in a metropolis to reduce traffic and encourage the use of these systems. Travel on the new BRTS is now a lot less tiring and the well spaced stops mean that one can easily reach a station from most major hotspots in the city. The system is used increasingly by the local public and it is quickly becoming a better alternative to rail or other bus services.

BRTS Ahmedabad Development in Gujarat

Gujarat has received accolades from the international community for the successful implementation of the BRTS network. As a matter of fact, some delegates from South Africa came specifically to study the BRTS in Ahmedabad. This is only one way that attests to the success of the Ahmedabad BRTS. After the major failures of Delhi BRTS and Pune BRTS, Ahmedabad's BRTS success story comes as a whiff of fresh air. Mistakes made by other cities serve to remind us of the importance of careful planning and systemic gradual implementation as was done in Ahmedabad. While Delhi's BRTS suffered from a weak institutional setup, very low budget for planning and implementation, and inconsistent coordination among involved parties; the Pune BRTS lacked enforcement, strong leadership, and created a poor first impression among the city denizens. The Ahmedabad BRTS has carefully avoided the flaws in other systems and gone beyond to become a true metro public transport system.

The Ahmedabad BRTS bus stations are state of the art, safe, and secure. Each station has at least one or two security officers on location and the stations are well managed. Riders can access the station through turnstiles and the boarding doors are automatic and synchronized for added safety. One can purchase tickets off board at secure ticketing windows with route maps for convenience. What more can one ask for in a city public transport system? As the Gujaratis like to say, 'where there is Modi, anything is possible'.


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