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Train System in China


Trains are one of the most commonly used public transportation systems.  The journey from the first steam engine trains to today’s high-speed bullet trains tells the story of the symbolical race of everyday life.  Each country’s progress can be highlighted by the network of rail tracks.  It is said that the advent of trains attributed to drastically improved trade wherever implementedand connected the land.  While this is a topic in itself, let’s first look at the train system of a country that made the news recently with advancements in its railways.

China was recently lauded with having the fastest trains in the world. Let’s retrace our steps to recount the journey that led to this point in China’s transport development.  During the late 1800s to the early 1900s China’s railways were created, designed, and often owned by foreign companies.  The first railway created by Chinese was built around 1905 after which the development of the railway network slowed down due to frequent wars. Despite these setbacks, after China became a republic the new government invested much in expanding the railway network.  Not only did the network increase in range but it also experienced advances in technology.  As a matter of fact, train speed has increased six times since 1997, giving credit to China’s image as the manufacturing giant of the world.

Besides, being home to the fastest trains in the world, China also holds a place as one of the most prolific manufacturing hubs exporting the widest range of products.  This can of course be considered a major achievement due to its excellent network of trains around the country. After all, a country’s trade depends greatly on its transportation systems and China seems to have come up with quite a cost-effective way to manufacture and export materials with companies from many nations around the world.  How China achieved this despite frequent wars and other setbacks is something other developing countries can learn from.


Minal J Patel


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