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Open Schooling as an effective alternative modality of educating/training at the secondary level attracted the attention of planners partly because of the immensity of requirements at this level and partly because secondary education is an end and a beginning at the same time. It marks the end of the first phase of education allowing the young graduates to enter the employment market and also serves as a gateway to higher education which provides for a much better quality of life—such a gateway has to be wide and ever open. 
Secondly, the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is promising an exponential rise in enrolments at the secondary level—the annual growth rate of enrolment at the secondary level during the 1990.
Thirdly, it is estimated that ODL provision at the level of higher education, comprising 13 dedicated (single mode) open universities and over 100 dual mode higher education institutions, caters to only 20 percent of higher education students. Only five percent of the Indian population has higher education qualifications. Increasing the rate of higher education would contribute to the country's economic, political and social strength. One way to increase enrolment in higher education is to increase secondary level enrolment, which is where open schools such as MGIOS can play an increasingly important role.
Fourthly, all the expansion in and the inclusive approach being followed to expand coverage at the secondary level of education notwithstanding, it is not possible to involve the entire relevant age group in the conventional type of scheduled day-time schooling, as significantly large numbers of potential secondary level students are engaged in productive labour in agriculture in rural areas and in various gainful activities in semi-urban and urban areas. Invariably, they belong to lower income and/or poor families. 
It is, therefore, not without reason that, as one of the major and tested alternative modalities of education to meet the types of challenge outlined above (to the extent that it can), the open distance mode of education/training has appealed significantly to planners. 
Ranjan Srivastava