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A journey toward removing corruption in Bihar


About a decade ago Bihar was tagged as the most corrupt state of India with crime and corruption at its peak and progress and development at a standstill. But Nitish Kumar’s gumption has alleviated corruption to great extent. Within a decade Bihar has emerged from being most corrupt to the least corrupt state of the nation.  His bold and innovative steps have been applauded by all and left the masters gobsmacked.

Earlier, The District Magistrate (A head of a particular district) was clogged with umpteen responsibilities. Now he has been absolved of the responsibility of developmental schemes which has been shifted to the District Board and D.D.C (District Developmental Commissioner) who is also the secretary of their respective district boards.

Nitish Kumar has scrapped the sanctioning of Rs 1 crore to all the MLAs of the state under MLA-LAD (Local Area Development) Fund. It became a trend that most of the ministers instead of carrying out work in their areas used that fund for their personal benefit.

 In another attempt to make minister’s wealth transparent in the eyes of public, all the ministers of the state were asked to make their assets public in government website. This trend was followed by the bureaucrats and government officials expect for grade IV employees.

Right to Service Act stipulated officials of the state government to do work in a specific time frame failing which they would be penalised. This step was taken to curb the practise of procrastination of any work by a state government official. Right to Information act also ensured anybody to get any information related to the progress of their work at any point of time.

The Bihar Chief Minister passed a very unique act in the state to fight corruption. The Act empowers the competent authority to confiscate movable and immovable property of a public servant even during the trial and convert it to public property. Recently the house of a senior government official facing a disproportionate assets case was converted into school. This is probably for the very first time that such a step has been taken in any state of the nation to curb corruption. He warned that more properties of corrupt officials would be seized under the state's anti-graft law.

A slew of such measures to fight corruption have spooked instant change among ministers and government officials. The result of the same has been seen in the fast development work carried out and minimized corruption in the state thus making the state least corrupt in the nation.


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