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Arvind Kejriwal vs Rahul Gandhi


With the Delhi assembly polls result out, Arvind Kejriwal is the name on the lips of all. The colossal feat achieved by the Aam Aadmi Party has left most in the political arena shell shocked and has brought a smile to the faces of the common people who hope for a corruption free government. The enormity of what Kejriwal and AAP has pulled off cannot be ignored. A recently formed party which had no previous political experience has dealt a huge blow to the traditional powerhouses of Indian politics. The blow was so severe that Mr. Rahul Gandhi promised to take a page from Kejriwals book.

Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi represent a new generation of Indian politics. Belonging to the same age group, they somewhat are a youth icon for the nation. Despite of these similarities, it seems extremely difficult for Rahul Gandhi to do an Arvind Kejriwal.

Rahul, no matter how humble or down to earth he may be, no matter how many village homes he spends his nights in, will never belong to the group of the Aam Aadmi, the common people. He was born into a family of political elite and is thus endowed with certain privileges which he can never shrug off. This very privilege has helped him reach the ranks of vice president of congress. On the other hand, the people see Arvind Kejriwal as one of them. In Kejriwal they see a leader from among themselves; they see a person who has taken the initiative after facing the hardships they had faced. A common man sees himself in Arvind Kejriwal.

Today politics is eyed as an ugly game which is filled with corruption and malpractices. Arvind Kejriwal has brought a completely new approach to this game, a fairer approach. The methods used by him like transparent funding; innovative campaigning etc. has won him the hearts of people. Rahul Gandhi has more or less been the part of that same old game. He brought some charisma and panache to the game but played it the same old way.

Arvind Kejriwal has also been very successful in connecting to the people. His attitude has made people believe that someone from among them is working for them. Kejriwal may not have mastered the art of oration nor does he possess a magnetic personality, but he sticks to his principles and that is rarely seen in today’s political world. Rahul Gandhi has attempted to strike a chord with the people but, as is evident, has failed. His speeches do not seem natural and are sometimes boring too. But most importantly they appear to be pretty insincere.

The motive of Arvind Kejriwal remained undeterred throughout. No one gave AAP a chance until the results were out. Kejriwal was never bogged down. He visited households and innovatively used the social media to reach out to the people. The candidates of AAP were also people with a reason. Kejriwal also showed how to lead from the front and took on the chief minister head on and inflicting upon her one of the worst defeats of her political career. From Rahul’s side it was the same old story. Hollow promises were being made and tainted and corrupt candidates were being chosen.

Arvind Kejiwal is a new entity. He is responsible for the successes as well as the failures of AAP. Rahul Gandhi on the other hand has a huge shield in the name of congress. Even after the recent results Rahul was shielded from the defeat by his party saying that Lok Sabha election is a different league altogether.

One more thing to be considered is history. Kejriwal and AAP have no history. They are a new group full of promises and principles. They are committed to their tasks and are ready to work for the people. Rahul Gandhi and congress have a past and the recent past paints a dark picture. People have been extremely unsatisfied with them on multiple counts. They have been hampered with corruption to a very high level.

To sum it up, Arvind Kejriwal has brought a much needed freshness to the political arena. People trust him and have put their hopes upon him. His agendas can be questioned but not his calibre, not his commitment. One thing is for sure, Arvind Kejriwal is by the people and for the people who Rahul Gandhi could never be.




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