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CBI an Investigating Agency or a Minister Puppet


Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was established on 1st April 1963 under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act with its motto of “Industry, Impartiality, Integrity”. It is controlled by Department of Personnel and Training in the Ministry of Personnel of the Union Government who also reports directly to the Prime Minister. It is headed by a Director, an IPS officer of the rank of DGP or Commissioner of Police.

CBI’s ambit includes complicated cases like big scams, murder, kidnapping, terrorism etc, subject to its approval by the Union Ministry controlling the CBI. The Supreme Court and High Courts of the country may also order certain cases to be investigated by the CBI.

It is alleged that CBI is malleable to the pressures of government of the day which is indeed a cause of serious concern on which the Supreme Court compared it to a “Caged Parrot” who dances to the tunes of its master. Its critics argue that the CBI in reality stands for “Congress Bureau of Investigation”. The subversion of the CBI’s independence and its manipulation by the ruling regime is attracting the opposition charges which cannot be taken lightly. Even the apex court has raised concerns about it.

There are innumerable instances of misuse of CBI not only in present times but also in the past. In 1977, because of Congress-CBI nexus, a CBI Director D.Sen was given two extensions by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Later on Shah Commission was formed to look into Emergency excesses which slammed D.Sen for abusing his power and authority.

Another former Director Joginder Singh was asked to go slow on Fodder Scam against Lalu Yadav by the then Prime Minister I.K.Gujral. When Singh asked for the same to be given in writing it never came but he was shunted out of the CBI in just 11 months of his taking charge.

One more such case of CBI Director U.S.Mishra. He was investigating the Disproportionate Assets Case against Mayawati admitted that political pressure was a real concern and umpteen references of pending it for sometime or to give it a progress one way or another kept acting as roadblocks.

CBI is often termed as “worse than weapon of mass destruction” because weapons kill people but terror and loss of credibility that is unleashed under the CBI raids and arrests destroy people’s lives and moral fabric of society. Moreover this encourages venality among high-profile political class.

Now the situation has become so grave that everybody feels the necessity of making the CBI a really impartial and reliable investigating agency with functional independence like that of CVC, Election Commission, CAG. Veterans have also demanded that no ministry should preside over the working, functioning and investigation of the CBI. But it is also to be cautioned that in a democratic setup no organization can be made totally independent as it is fraught with the risk of turning into a rogue organization. One can also draw suitable inferences from the functioning of such organizations in some of the Western democracies.

Now the whole issue is for the government to decide what model it suggests to formulate a mechanism to insulate the CBI from any external interference subject to getting the SC”s nod also over it.

CBI’s power is too intoxicating and a great democracy should not be too drunk to know where it is heading 


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