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Gujarat Before and Now


Gujarat is the second most industrialized state of the country. It would not be wrong if we say that it has achieved this success because of its entrepreneurial endowment and political will of the government, efficient bureaucracy and good industrial relations in the last ten years. The main elements behind Gujarat’s development is the march towards progress in the field of agriculture, infrastructural facilities like drinking water, education, unemployment, transportation and tourism. Let’s talk about agriculture.



To bring happiness to families of farmers the state government launched a campaign for agriculture and water conservation so as to bring progress to all the villages. The farmers are using green houses, net houses, drip irrigation and sprinkler techniques to make maximum profit with nominal amount of investment. With the launch of the soil health card, productivity has been multiplied giving new direction to the agriculture sector.  Farmers of Gujarat have adopted the modern scientific method of farming, leaving behind the traditional method. Initially, the farmers of Gujarat used to follow traditional methods because of lack of availability of modern techniques to the farmers.  Gradually, the government shifted their focus and took initiatives to provide modern techniques as well as loans to farmers so that they can implement that technology in their farms. It is very clear that if you do not provide means for adopting this tech knowhow, then there is no meaning of initiating the change. But in Gujarat, not only has there been change in methods but those changes are available to all the farmers by giving loans. Agricultural land normally tends to decrease when the industry sector develops. But I am glad to inform that Gujarat has turned out to be an exception in both the agriculture and industrial sectors.

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Infrastructural Facilities

Education and employment are two sides of the same coin. In the last decade, the government has put in efforts to provide more primary education facilities. Gujarat took efforts to enroll more kids in primary schools whether it was a rural or urban area. They had even taken steps to improve education for the youth; the government had opened up more than 40 new colleges in different corners of the state. The government has done collaboration with more than 20 universities. Good education will directly work out the problem of unemployment. But the scenario ten years ago was different since there was scarcity of schools and colleges. There were some areas with no nearby colleges and students had to migrate. But now the scene is different.

Gujarat is a state where you will never find inverters because this state has 24*7 electricity availability. The concept is very clear that if electricity is available 24*7, then the people will also have the facility of clean drinking water.  There was a time when electricity was not available for 24*7; it was very difficult to survive because there would be random power cuts which would affect the everyday lives of working people.  The government has also worked in the sector of roads and transportation. The whole new concept of BRTS was launched which turned out to be a great success and one of the reasons for it success was obviously well-maintained roads. Due to the launch of BRTS, connectivity has increased. The government has also worked in the sector of tourism by developing the “Saurashtra” region.

Thereby, it can be concluded by saying that Gujarat has emerged successfully in many areas through numerous initiatives. But this could not be possible without the cooperation and blessing of six crores of people. 



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