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Hey Look Toward Your East - Eastern India


It’s a region with beauty, charm and abundant natural resources. It’s a region with a lot of embedded culture and diversity, something unique and mesmerizing. The northeastern region of India could be a real mystery to many. But let us keep the aesthetic beauty aside. It’s a talk about the development now.

The natural resources of this region might be abundant, but sadly untapped. They haven’t been put to optimum use. And to add to the misery is the adjective that strongly describes the region. Conflict-stricken. The region goes through severe insurgencies, be it political or economical. The conflicts faced are primarily political in nature but there is evasiveness with regard to the economic potential of this region. What provoked conflict in that region? The available resources weren’t put to proper use, but was that it? They were unimaginably exploited and things didn’t get better for the eastern Indians. The local groups fought over the resources and that led to conflicts and issues. The economic development in the eastern part of India is rather scarce and conflicts occur among tribal groups over the limited economic assets. Things don’t work really well for them, do they?

Now, let’s focus on the real development-hindering-issue, shall we? Economic conflicts are just one. The real issues are the ones dealing with politics. This region has been prone to conflicts since the time of India’s independence. The over practice of corruption has left the states deprived of economic resources and funds. Public funds are being looted illegally and the state withdraws from attending functions and negotiations that are key to the well being and prosperity of the people. The taxes that are collected are used to provide social security benefits to their own ethnic groups. All this makes the state unable to guarantee the provision of basic security or service. Very unfortunate indeed!

Is development possible at all? Of course, if channelized properly. What have these seven states got? They have the power of attracting tourists from all over the world. The amount of vitality these states have in store are incomparable. The northeast region of India contributes to about 2% of the country’s growth and that’s a very meager fraction. You see, other than these major economic and political issues that this region constantly faces, it is indispensable to notice something that adds to the low development. This region’s distance is farther than the rest of the country, both geographically and culturally which creates a sort of an alienated atmosphere.

The Central Government has always been paranoid about giving due attention to this region of our country because its development seemed quite impossible. But without offering proper aid for these states to prosper, there’s never an aspect of ‘playing fair’. Infrastructure development is of absolute necessity because people require and demand a decent standard of living. Other than that, there is a need to empower the youth and spread knowledge among them so that they can shower prosperity over their respective native states. From what we know, technology can flourish in these ‘seven sisters’! Why not give that a little boost? Development of Information Technology in these regions will be highly profitable and prosperous.

Well, there’s a lot. A lot of ways in which these regions can be brought to development and a lot of issues that pull them back down. Hey, let’s not stop there. They are a part of our nation and deserve equal treatment. And once that is done, we’re all set to go!


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