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The Development Road of Karnataka


Karnataka is one of the eight largest states in India, located on the western coast of Peninsular India. It is a state where plenty of raw material is available that can be processed to final products.

The government can focus on the tourism sector as the state is rich with culture and ancient heritage. But the government has only focused on the “Mysore Palace” whereas there are many more ancient heritages in other cities of Karnataka. If the government concentrates on the maintenance of these heritage icons, it can attract a lot of tourists to its state, especially those from culture loving India. This indirectly increases the income of the state which leads to the economic development of the state.

The other very important sector on which the government can focus is the fishing sector. It is not that they are not working on it but not at the fullest .This is a sector which can be a jackpot for them. The government needs to provide them with the latest technology and train them. This will directly increase the income levels and the standard of living of the local people. A populace that is aware of new technology can dramatically increase productivity and efficiency, which in turn, will bring in more revenue for the state.

As it is a coastal state, it does not have a shortage of water so they can focus on the farming crops which need ample water like rice. They can have better irrigation facilities which enhance the growth. Not only rice but production of sugarcane also can be increased.

The government has only taken care of the capital city Bangalore. If it had simultaneously concentrated on the other areas of the state, then the picture of Karnataka would have been something else. But it is never too late. The Government should buck up and start working on it. Bangalore is already a very developed city and now they should concentrate on the other cities and sectors.



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