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Your Country Cries to You - Pollution in India


“Right now, I can feel the smoke going up to choke me. I can feel my water getting disgraced in every manner possible and my beautiful land hidden with your used and harmful belongings.”

India cries to you and you have your ears shut. Gone are those days when you could walk past the streets of your neighbourhood and feel the fresh air calm your senses down. Hey, fresh air is history! The pollution in our surroundings is getting out of hand and there’s nothing anyone is doing about it. Pollution assumes many forms-Air, water, land and noise. Sadly, all this is more than extensive in our country.

What is the cause? Population is number one. With 1.21 billion people in this country, things get impossible to manage. People neglect the environmental issues and add to the ever growing misery. Nothing improves! One thousand children die each day because of the pollution in water. The river Ganges in India is the most polluted river in the world. Air pollution is fifth leading cause of deaths in India. All this probably makes you gasp, but can you do something to create an evident difference?

From the perspective of a nation or a state, many measures can be adopted with a view to curb the growing pollution in our cities. Developing public transportation, hydrogen cell operated vehicles, penalty for law breakers are some of the ways in which the nation or state can help in reducing pollution. But what can you do? You can adhere to the rules that have to do with pollution and in your little ways; you can help save the creation of excessive waste. You can save energy and use products that are environment friendly. You hear this over and over and over again and that is exactly why it seems ridiculous to you.

From your perspective, you changing your ways can probably seem to create negligible difference. But if all of you decide to establish it together, it can surely create a difference!


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