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Population explosion in India


A situation which arises when the resources of a nation fall short of meeting the needs of the people is termed as population explosion.

Current population of India as per 2011 census is 1.24 billion. India accounts for only 2.4% of world’s surface area ( 135 million sq km) while supports 17.5% of the entire world’s population. Shocking isn’t it? It is said that the annual growth of population for any nation should be 0.2-0.5% while for India it is 2%. India’s population during independence was only 52 crore. Since independence, it has tripled.

There are multiple reasons for the rise in population which are discussed below:-

·        Decline in Death Rate- Famines and epidemics have been controlled with the improvement in health facilities and food security to all.

·        Illiteracy- The literacy rate- among the women is only 39.4 percent and male literacy is 63.9 percent. Illiteracy combined with poverty leads to ignorance from the belief in religious doctrines and superstitions. Due to illiteracy ,people do not know the use of contraceptives and other modern methods to curb the population.

·        Polygamy- It is the practice of having more than one wife. It is seen more in rural areas and also among certain Indian communities.

·        No stringent laws to curtail birth rate- China is the most populous nation in the world. It realized the concern to plummet the population growth rate. So being an autocratic government where decision making is easy it made stringent laws of not having more than two children per family. While in India, in certain remote areas there is not even a proper record of the number of births in some families. Moreover, there are overly stringent laws in favor of women and women's commissions which give them too much liberty to do whatever they want to.

With the present population growth rate we are expected to overtake China by 2030.India’s current population is bigger than the combined population of USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The combined population of UP and Maharashtra is more than the population of USA. Australia’s population is about 2.5 crore and we are adding the present population of Australia every year.

To conclude, population explosion is a very serious problem which is thwarting the growth of our nation. Despite the rise in food grain production, the government is facing the crisis to provide food security to all. Education plays a key role here. The more a person gets educated the more he realizes the nuances of birth control. Furthermore, media, especially print media, should play a major role in running the ill-effects of population growth as its reach is wider. Lastly, government should collaborate with NGOs to run population control related programs.  

It’s better late than never. Let us hope that the people and the government realize this as soon as possible.

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