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What do you know about State of Tamilnadu


You are looking at the southern most part of the Indian Peninsula, the heartland of Southern India and a land of breathtaking and multifarious diversity. You are looking at Tamil Nadu. It all looks beautiful from the outside, like the flawlessness of a gift wrapper. Learning about the inside is more vital. That is exactly what we’re going to do. We’re learning about what this state has to offer to its people.

You would want your day to begin with light and comfort. But, that’s not always the case. Power deficits have reached a peak in the state of Tamil Nadu. What could the reason probably be? Although the authorities are aiming to take steps to curtail the issue of power shortage, the incidence of power cuts is still largely prevalent, or even increasing. But steps are being undertaken for this problem to stop growing. The state is expected to get power from Kodankulam Nuclear Power Project and Neyveli Power Thermal Station and this can probably relieve the people from the situation of ever increasing power cuts.

You are talking explicitly about basic necessity here and how can one not talk about the availability of water? Water shortage in Tamil Nadu is again rather adverse. Storage reservoirs have not done a great job with storing water which brings availability of water to an absolute standstill. The summer of 2013 is expected to be all the more horrendous. What is the cause? Two very simple yet devastating words. Rainfall deficit. There you have it! Less rainfall has led to water shortage all over the state of Tamil Nadu. This issue is evidently escalating and the state is going to look at the capacity of existing storage structures, construct check dams and new reservoirs and tap all kinds of resources possible.

A common person is required to consume atleast 2,400 calories per day. Apparently, that is not the case in Tamil Nadu, where the state is reported to have a maximum number of such calorie challenged people. The economy of Tamil Nadu is largely agriculture based. If one wants to tackle the issue of food security, you have to improve your agricultural methods and develop them. Added to this, the concept of Public Distribution System is a real boon. But this sector has not qualified to be particularly progressive. There have been a majority of complaints about the quality, quantity and timing. The demand is unimaginably high, due to which basic food requirements are not covered for many. Measures are being undertaken to improve the condition of the PDS system to avoid food shortage. The noon-meal scheme, which involves feeding pre-school children, has been thoroughly successful.

When you learn, you not only create a future for yourself, but you create a future for your country as well. Education has always been a major concern for the government and all authorities. It has been discovered that not all students enroll themselves into schools. The dropout rates are alarmingly high and all this ultimately deprives students of opportunities. What distinguishes this state is its high literacy level that stands at 80.33%. The availability of government schools is perfectly sufficient and the government aims at eradicating illiteracy entirely. With the help of individuals and change in their mindsets, this objective can be achieved.

If you are talking about travelling paths you can probably praise the Tamil Nadu authorities with their appropriateness of utilizing funds and constructing roads at a time that is evidently impressive. But the introduction of road safety measures still leaves a few places blank. It has been discovered that, an average of forty three people die each day because of road accidents and poor construction of roads. The population of the state is particularly large, for which the authorities recognize the importance of proper road construction. Moreover, application of technology has also been recognized as an important contributor to better roads.

Tamil Nadu has impressive tourist spots, with various hill stations and diversity and cultures embedded in various temples. The question is how much is this industry being encouraged? Most of the revenue for the state comes from the tourism industry. Tourism is a major sector because it creates revenue. The industry is doing well, though more encouragement would be appreciated, through media so that it communicates the message in a more effective and efficient manner.

You now probably have an idea about what the gift contains. Tamil Nadu is a state that probably has to travel a few extra miles to reach the point of ultimate development. Measures are being taken to improve lifestyles at every single step, but progress is not guaranteed. It comes with time, patience and a perspective. Most importantly, it comes with understanding.


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