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Where is my country, INDIA


I want air to breathe, the kind of environment without suffocation. I yearn for it, because being an Indian, I know a lot about how rich my country really is, but now I know for sure that all that richness is deteriorating…and not just gradually anymore. I have all the fraud and scams to thank for that.

Now, let’s look at this issue of ‘scams’ from a perspective that is easy and simple for each one of us to understand. Starting anything after invoking God, helps us become successful in that…and as in India, cricket is a religion cutting across all boundaries, The Indian Premier League (IPL) would be a good point to start with. When one discovers that so much of it has been a lie for so long, the implications are rather catastrophic. The number of matches that were fixed under the name of ‘sport’ and ‘sportsmanship’ have finally been brought out, and so have the unthinkable consequences. The revenue for the IPL is from the NRI audience, the ticket- money collection and the SMS’s they receive. And none of this is put to honest use. Infact, it only brings in every possible disappointment.

It is obvious that scams hinder development. No doubt about that, is there? Do you know what one requires for holistic development? Its good governance and I hardly see that in our country. Apart from our country being ridiculously opaque despite it being democratic, there’s the evident existence of a patriarchal society. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. That’s the drill.

When one is offered money, he forgets that there exists a term called ‘honesty’. When the people we depend on choose to betray us, there is no scope for progress or development. Bribes and other forms of dishonesty exist at every single sector in our country. And to understand what this ‘scam’ means on a larger perspective, the widespread ‘mining scam’ of India will give one a lucid idea. This scam is particularly widespread in various ore-rich states of India. The scam mostly deals with underpayment, conflicts and this has generated a lot of controversy. These ores are illegally mined and the government royalties aren’t properly and accurately paid.

All this doesn’t just affect just the district, or the state or the nation. A common man is affected by it too. When there is too much of dishonesty, a common man is never provided with justice. The common man has a million unanswered questions in his mind. Why are the poor becoming poorer? Why are the middle class men deprived of advantages? Why does our society always favour the rich? For the answer to these questions, you’ve got to look at the number of unfair intricacies that are existent at every single cell in this large country. We as the youth have got to understand what’s causing this.

The issue is not something that can be solved over the night. Rome wasn’t built in a day. In the same way, this problem won’t be solved in a little while. It needs patience, time and co-operation. Lots of co-operation… and that is what is missing in the first place, isn’t it?

Of course there are efforts that are being taken to bring this to a standstill. The Aam Aadmi Party aims on reducing the intensity of the scams and corruption in our country. With the presence of more stringent rules, something can be done about the explicit rates of corruption prevalent but we’ll have to wait and watch, right…


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