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Adhar Card Issue in Parur - Parur

Party: Indian National Congress  
State: Kerala
Constituency: Parur
Sub Constituencies:
  Created: 2013-09-12 Resolved: Not Solved

Issue Details

I have been sending mails or trying  to contact  various people like chief minister/Mr.Muneer,The collector of Calicut and offices relating to Adhar but without any  effect. At present when own children are ignoring their parents I am trying and looking after my mother in law who is aged around 90 and a demantia patient. She is totally bed ridden and I have been approaching various sources to get the formalities done relating to Ahar. I have contacted local Councilor, visited local MLA's office for help but to no effect.When government can not ensure that Adhar cards are  issued to all the people why are we forcing to stop subsidy for such people like my mother in  law . Is there any arrangment  made by Adhar Authority to facilitate for such people who are totally bed ridden.Nobody seems to know this issue including the local Seva Kendram. You must be wondering as to why am I sending this mail to you from Calicut. The answer is simple ...You seems to be a young dynamic MLA who has the guts to take up issues and present  at the appropriate places like Assembly and we appreciate it. Will you be kind enough to atleasr confirm receipt of thid mil////Regards Subhas



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