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patwari training in Silwani - Silwani

Rampal Singh
Name: Rampal Singh
Party: Bharatiya Janata Party  
State: Madhya Pradesh
Constituency: Silwani
Sub Constituencies:
  Created: 2013-10-12 Resolved: Not Solved

Issue Details

Respected Minister revenue dept. M.P.

dear sir,

                due to less of the landrecorder(patwari) in morena distt., morena collector should displayed a waiting merit list and forward for the commisioner landrecord dept. for allowed the training center but commisioner landrecord gwalior was not permitted for training because his statement is that we have no vacancies and these vacancies are reserved for the 2008 previous batch and this vacancies are fill through the new advertisement.

            But sir this batch 2012 is valid for 03 year so please requested to you that forward the letter to the commisioner landrecord gwalior and order to issue the training center for the waiting merit list.

Thank you


   Rovil mangal