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Road in poor conditions after sewerage work - Ajmer South

Anita Bhadel
Name: Anita Bhadel
Party: Bharatiya Janata Party  
State: Rajasthan
Constituency: Ajmer South
Sub Constituencies:
  Created: 2013-11-23 Resolved: Not Solved

Issue Details

there is virtually no roads existence after sewerage work in housing board and uit colony which starts from j p nagar sector 1 which is near to madar railway station to jp nagar sector  3 in madar area of south of ajmer. after some 2 /1/2 months work of sewerage work which went so slowly and after wards the rainy seasons which thought not suitable for road construction and no that the rain stopped in the month of august the roads are found in poor conditions or their is no road in the area. the work of sewerge laying going to slowly. almost the work has completed.  problems are many which have become daily routine of peoples. no schools vans comes on bad roads so one has to come to place where van owner ask them to drop their children. water pipes damaged so galoons of water waste every day. tyres of every wheel get damge which cost heavily to people. women, children and old age persons fall down. disputes arise due water collection and waste collection among household owners. you cannot take your children out of home due to bad road. in the world where infrastructure has become primary need for development of human beings do not you think we have done nothing. we need quick action and collective action on this issue. we also want that such examples are not repeated in other parts of the country.