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Can Poverty be reduced immediately? - Part 1


Poverty is an issue that is often not directly considered for immediate resolution. Money is always an issue and policymakers wonder if it would be in their best interests to improve poverty or keep a labor force dependent on the whims of the wealthy. The situation seems so overwhelming to handle and many governments figure that first business should be fostered which will in turn create jobs with better wages. However, the ones most positively impacted by entrepreneurial activities are those who are educated and usually from middle class society. The poor get labor jobs and this often transfers to children also who leave school early to join their families in working manual labor.

Without education, poor children don’t get the opportunities to improve their standard of living. The cycle continues as such. An injury can make things worse. This scenario leaves us with a sense that there is much to be worked out before poverty can truly be reduced effectively. But are immediate improvements possible that can directly impact the lives of the poor?



Governments can provide land that is not farmable to create multiple story two room apartments with basic amenities for the poor. The building work would be done by the very people who intend to live in them. The tenants can pay a small percentage of their salaries towards their apartment regularly until it is paid off. Meanwhile, they would have a decent, safe place to live in. It is the same as middle class folks making block payments for their stylish apartments. The only difference would be in the amount that is paid. It should be payable by the poor. In the long run, sprawling slums would disappear to be replaced by more attractive multi-storied buildings neatly organized and easier to maintain.


Please look forward to this series for other thoughts on this topic. Readers are invited to share their ideas and opinions on this issue.


Minal J Patel


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