Why NationsRoot?

We believe that all politicians should have an equal opportunity to reach their voters and vice versa. And all voters should have the right information at their fingertips about the leaders they elect. At Nationsroot, we provide an optimal space to address voters using innovative advanced tools, while also bringing the enriching information about politicians to citizens.

What Voters can do with NationsRoot?

We believe citizens and politicians can work with each other everyday. Citizens don’t need to go to politicians to discuss their concerns and requirements only during elections. We want to make sure the best candidates are elected to office in every community and that will be made possible when voters become more informed and participate more.

Search politicians in your zip code

Finding new or incumbent politicians in your community is now easy. Check details of any politician for Free.

Get updates about politicians

Follow a politician and get updates about their events, activities, and news.

Ask questions directly to politicians

Have any issue or concern answered by politicians, from the convenience of your home or office.

Decide Your Vote

Remind your friends & family to vote during local & national elections.

Add issues and rate your area

Share issues and concerns so that they can be discussed openly and show up in your local politician’s radar.

What Politicians can do with NationsRoot?

Politicians should have easy and equal access to digital solutions like sending emails to their voters, answering questions from voters, and addressing issues their constituents may have, thereby improving the level of engagement. By empowering local politicians, we are empowering the community and in turn empowering the states and country. An inspired politician will inspire their voters to come out and discuss openly which defines a true democracy.

Build Political Identity

Create your presence on website, iOS and Android App, with all the marketing tools you need shape your reputation online.

Raise Donations

Receive donations for your campaign and get a report that makes it easy to file the funds.

Hire Volunteers

Recruit volunteers to help you in campaign activities or for any events.

Daily Updates

Get regular updates about you, your opponents, any news & events.

Sentiment Analysis

Know the views and thoughts of voters talking about you or topics relevant to you. Track negative comments, verified accounts, and influencers.

Voter Relationship Management

Send emails proactively and easily manage all communications with voters, supporters, and volunteers. Improve engagement with voters by answering questions from them and participating in ongoing conversations.


Release all the Power with the NationsRoot App!

NationsRoot is available on desktop, iOS and Android App.

  • Get Advance Reports on NationsRoot.
  • Get notifications on any updates on news, events and politics.
  • Create 360-degree political profile with marketing tools

What if I want to run for elections?

If you want to be featured on Nationsroot as a leader in your community, please email us at contact@nationsroot.com with your details. Once verification is complete, we will add your details. Or you can sign up on

Register as a Politician