NationsRoot FAQs

  • What is Nationsroot?

    Nationsroot makes it easier for politicians to reach citizens with advanced campaign tools.
  • What can Politicians do on Nationsroot?

    Conduct ongoing polling
    Send emails
    Recruit volunteers
    Receive donations
    Get social media analytics for yourself and your opponents
    Answer questions from voters
    Share election agenda as well as the work you have done
  • What can Voters do on Nationsroot?

    Receive updates about your local area
    Get social media analytics and online reputation of politicians
    Ask questions to politicians
    Invite friends and family to support questions
    Find election statistics of politicians
    Know who the politicians are in your zip code
  • How much does it cost to use campaign tools?

    We charge politicians an affordable monthly subscription fee for using NationsRoot’s advanced tools.
  • Where is Nationsroot available?

    It is available nationwide in the US, India and Canada.
  • Who made Nationsroot?

    It was made by a team of software engineers based in Los Angeles, California.
  • How can I ask a question to Nationsroot or share a concern?

  • What happens when you follow a politician?

    You will receive daily updates of news, analytics and events related to the politician.
  • Can email sending capability for the politicians be blocked?

    If the bounce rate for emails is increased because of the wrong email address list, your email account will be blocked for next 10 days. This doesn't affect to any other campaign tools or any other features in your account.