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Tired of using an endless number of tools to reach constituents? We’ve created a one stop solution for all your campaign needs.

  • Nationsroot
    Easy-to-use election campaign tools, accessible to everyone

    Strengthen voter connections to drive better campaign results with a complete set of engagement and analytics solutions.

  • Nationsroot
    Advanced solutions for political consultants & news agencies

    Get free tools to make the most of your campaigns, from sending emails and social media analytics to feedback on local sentiments and more.

  • Nationsroot
    Manage election campaign on your own or with minimum staff

    No need to worry about managing large teams or big budget for campaigning in any election.

  • Nationsroot
    Increase your engagement and support

    Empower your supporters and volunteers anywhere from one place.


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Questions Asked



Emails Sent to Voters



Politicians Profiles



Politicians’ Analytics


Social Media Analytics

How do you track yours and opponents’ activities on social media?

  • Identify Influecers and Fake Users on Social Media, made for politicians.
  • Compare Your Social Media Analytics with Opponents.
  • Get the high quality social data every politician needs, securely.
  • Check sentiment analysis reports of every politician around the world.

Send Emails

Do you want to send regular updates to your constituents? Or want to reach your voters with your updates?

  • Reach voters, directly from your inbox to theirs.
  • Customize your emails for specific voter groups.
  • Track emails using analytics reports.

Find Volunteers

Want to build your army of volunteers and increase your visibility?

  • Tools to reach, engage and utilize volunteers.
  • You can create events for any rallies, canvassing, fund raising, etc in different schedules.
  • Events can be searched by zip code, politician & district.
  • You can manage events and volunteers using an easy & flexible admin.

Polling and Survey

Do you look forward to doing(or only survey) surveys before going to local rallies?

  • Get analytics of sentiments at the grassroots level.
  • Ask questions about issues or bills to learn voter preferences before attending events.
  • Get detailed analytics of all polling or create your own polls.


Raising money can be the hardest part of a campaign. Make fundraising a breeze with Nationsroot.

  • Now, anyone can donate to your campaign.
  • You can customize a payment gateway for donations, like, ActBlue, PayPal.
  • You can also disable the ‘Donate’ button, if you do not want to raise donations.

Experience NationsRoot on any device

NationsRoot is available on desktop, iOS and Android App.


Tools for Voters?

- Search politicians in any zip code
- Get alerts of any politician
- Check questions asked by voters and answered by candidates


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