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City Councillor in US

City Councillor in US

  • Members of city council governs the city and the local government area.
  • They belong to the government's legislative branch.
  • The elected members of the city council are also called as Alderman.
  • The city councillor will work to develop the city by improving the infrastructure and the economy.
  • Council members have no power to examine the city without the order of the council.
  • The city council is made up of a Mayor and 4 council members.
  • They are elected by the voters of the city.
  • They are called using different names,
    • Councillor.
    • Council member.
    • Councilman.
    • Councilwoman.

City charter

  • City charter is an official document which has many laws on how the city must be ruled.
  • These city charters are unique for each city.
  • They describe the rules & responsibilities of the citizens living there.
  • According to the city charter the powers of a city councillor may vary.
  • In US, those cities that have the city charter need not follow the general law for governance.


Serves for a period of 4 years.


Qualifications of the city councillor may differ according to each city's charter.

  • Must be an US citizen.
  • Should be an registered voter of the city.
  • Should be an resident of the city(Years may vary according to the city charters).


The functions of the city councillor differs from city to city.

The areas that they look after are,

  • The qulaification of the election and candidates are judged by them.
  • They interpret and set new rules for governing.
  • Has the powers of cities that no one can have except that of a city council.
  • Monitors and directs the rules of the city ordinances.
  • Deals with the city’s monetary affairs.
  • Securing the welfare of the city.
  • Executing city business.
  • The administrative personnels & member of the boards are appointed by the council.
  • Deals with the intergovernmental matters.