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President of America

President of America

  • The President of the United States of America (USA) is the head of the government and head of the country of USA.
  • Donald John Trump is the current president of the US.

Term Period

  • Serves 4 years after being elected through electoral college.
  • Can be elected twice for the office.
  • When selected through the order of succession, can serve an additional period of 2 years.
  • Can serve a maximum period of 10 years.

Basic Requirements

  • Should be a natural-born US citizen.
  • Should be 35 years old.
  • Should be a resident in the US for at least 14 years.
  • Should not be elected as a president more than 2 times.

Election Process

Elections can be classified into two voting processes,

  • The first is the primary elections & caucuses which happens in all states in different ways.
  • The Second is the General election which is held all over the country.

Primary election

  • Primary Elections are held by the local & state governments.
  • Primary elections happen in the same way as that of the general elections.
  • People vote for their representatives.


  • Caucuses are meetings of a group of supporters of a particular party and are held by political parties.
  • Those who are favored by everyone in the party are chosen as the delegates.
  • An informal voting happens after discussion and debate on the person to be chosen.


  • These elections are of 4 types: Open, Semi-open, Closed, & Semi-closed.
  • Each state chooses the way it wants to hold elections.
  • In open caucuses & primary elections, all registered voters vote for the candidates of a party.
  • In semi-open primaries & caucuses, the party accepts votes from any registered voters but they must request a special ballot.
  • In closed primaries & caucuses, voters are supposed to register with any party to vote.
  • Semi-closed primaries & caucuses follow the closed ones and allow people who are not registered with any political party.

General Elections

  • A single nominee is chosen from caucuses, primaries and national conventions.
  • This chosen candidate from every political party campaigns all over the country.
  • The President & the Vice President are chosen through an electoral process by Electors.
  • From each state, electors are chosen by both the people through votes and by the political parties.
  • Electors vote for the President.
  • The person with majority votes is selected as the President.

Functions of the President

  • The President is the chief of state.
  • He welcomes champions and people of social importance to the White House.
  • He is responsible for opening the Olympic Games.
  • He is the commander in chief of the armed forces.
  • Whenever needed, he has the right to send troops to fight for the US.
  • Monitors and directs American Foreign Policy.
  • Officially represents the US in other countries.
  • Being the chief administrator, he is responsible for programmes held in the executive branch.
  • Looks after the country and imposed laws.
  • Can influence the process of lawmaking and has the power to urge Congress for passing laws.
  • Has the right to campaign for his party members.
  • Can also campaign for reelection.
  • Deals with problems concerning the public, like high taxes, unemployment, profits & losses in the country.
  • Guides and helps to improve the economy.

Special Privileges

  • Flies in Air Force One.
  • Has the Marine One - a special helicopter for the President’s rescue.
  • Bulletproof Limousine.
  • Lives in the White House.
  • Personal trainer for fitness.
  • Travel expenses are paid by the government.
  • Has a country home.
  • Well trained bodyguards.
  • State funeral after death.