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Speaker of House in US

Speaker of House in US

  • In the House of Representatives speaker of the house is the presiding officer.
  • Acts as an Parliamentary leader for the House of Representatives.
  • Speaker does not participate often in the debates.

Current Speaker

  • The current speaker is Paul Ryan.

How are they Elected?

  • The speaker is elected on the 1st day of new congress by the House of Representatives.
  • Candidates are nominated by the majority party and are elected by the roll call vote.
  • In the roll call vote every member’s vote is recorded.
  • Members vote as the names are called out.
  • During the resignation or death of the speaker the House of the Representatives can choose.


  • Administers and maintains the decorum of the house.
  • Has the powers to appoint special committees.
  • Presides over the joint sessions.
  • Has the responsibility to vote on legislation.
  • Makes rules about the house procedures.
  • Determines about the committee and their legislation.
  • The house legislative agenda is determined by the speaker with the consultation of the president,the senate and the party leaders.
  • The vote of speaker is decisive on important matters like war resolutions.


  • No criminal or civil proceedings can be made against the speaker.
  • Cannot be arrester except that of criminal proceedings.
  • Stands second in the presidential line of succession.