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US Mayor

US Mayor

  • A Mayor is an highest ranked officer in a town or city.
  • Exercises control over the operations happening in local government.
  • In some areas local council are the ones who take care of the governance.
  • Based on the power and the size of the city, a mayor can have an minor role or a major role.
  • In areas where there is more population the mayor has a role in both local and national politics.
  • In places with less population the mayor will have a role where he will participate in ceremonies and special occasions.

How are they elected?

  • The election process differs from place to place.
  • In most cities the voters elect their mayor.
  • These elections were people select their mayors are called as at-large elections.
  • Certain cities council take up the role of electing the Mayor.


  • The term they serve may vary between cities.
  • It can be anything between 2 to 4 years.

Deputy Mayors

  • In cities with a large population it is difficult for a mayor so there are any deputy mayors appointed.
  • Acts in behalf of the Mayor when he/she is absent.
  • It was New York city that had the first deputy mayor.
  • These Mayors will take care of the departments like,
    • Economic development.
    • Education.
    • Community development.
    • Health services.
    • Senior adviser for mayor.
    • Government affairs.
    • Counselor.
    • Secretary.
    • Press secretary.
    • Communication Director.
    • Oversees policy procedures.
  • In smaller cities there is no deputy mayor.
  • Mayor will have less power.
  • The local government will be in hands of the city manager and the council members.
  • When the cities expand and new problems arise the system will change accordingly by appointing a deputy mayor.



Depending upon the city the power of a Mayor may differ.Generally these are the powers he have,

  • He acts as an chief executive in the local city government.
  • Mayor provides updates on incidents happening in his/her locality to the government.
  • In case of natural calamities it is mayor who gives the updates to those who were affected.
  • Has the power to appoint or fire an personnel.
  • All the city staff members come under him and reports to him.
  • Helps in bringing peace in the city.
  • All laws are enforced under him.
  • Looks after departments like education, fire, police, transportation and housing.
  • Exercises some amount of legislative powers too.

US Conference of Mayors(USM)

  • A group of mayors who doesn't have any political connection comes under this non partisan organisation.
  • 1200 cities are a part of this USM.
  • Two meetings are held in every year.
  • They provide management and organisation resources to all the mayors in it.
  • In order to be a member in USM, a mayor of a city whose population is 30,000 and above are allowed.
  • Their aim is to develop the local politics by increasing their standards.
  • Their functions are,
    • Looks after the local people's needs.
    • To develop the suburban policy.
    • Checks whether the policies help in meeting the needs of urban people.
    • Reducing the homelessness.
    • Securing the homeland.