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Vice President of America

Vice President of America

  • The second highest ranked official holding the powers in the executive branch of US Government.
  • First in the Presidential line of succession.
  • Michael R. Pence is the current VP of the US.

Term Period

  • Serves 4 years when selected through electoral term.
  • Can be elected many times for the office.

Basic Requirements

  • Should be a natural-born US citizen.
  • Should be 35 years old.
  • Should be a resident in the US for at least 14 years.

Election Process

  • The election process for Vice-President is same as that of the President.
  • Two ballots one for President and another for Vice president is kept.
  • The Electors elect their representatives.
  • Those who get the majority becomes President & the VP.
  • If no candidates get the majority,Senate has the right to choose the VP.
  • When there is a vacancy in the position of VP, the President has the power to nominate.


  • Takes over the position of President whenever the president is unable to serve during times of resignation, death, health problems and impeachment.
  • Has the power to serve as the senate's president.
  • Deadlock is a situation where members of the parties wait for others to take the action.Has the power to make a tie-breaking choice when the senate is in deadlock.
  • To manage and confirm the official vote tally of the U.S. Electoral College.
  • To direct the greater part of impeachment trials of government officers.
  • To play out certain official duties allocated either by President or Congress.

Special Privileges

  • Air force Two lies in his service.
  • Three helicopters.
  • Home with 33 rooms.
  • The residence hosts many events.
  • Has an office in the senate.
  • The ultimate chance to become the President.